Organic Coconut Milk Powder - 358g


Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Give Your Taste Buds a Tropical Vacation

Give your taste buds that tropical vacation they deserve with the naturally occurring MCTs and antioxidants that make coconut milk a versatile, pantry-essential superfood.

The delicious, distinct flavor of coconut transforms recipes. Create creamy coconut confections, satisfying smoothies, savory soups, incredible curries, and so much more with our shelf-stable organic coconut milk powder! It also makes a great non-dairy creamer alternative. Bring the rich, creamy goodness of the tropics to your favorite recipes.


  • Healthier recipe alternative to canned coconut milk
  • Shelf-stable
  • Rehydrates easily
  • Versatile: use for recipes, handmade soaps, or facial masks
  • Organic


    Naturally Occurring MCTs

    Medium-chain triglycerides are small molecules, allowing penetration into cell membranes quickly without the need for enzymes for absorption. MCTs support a healthy inflammatory response, boost the immune system, and enhance muscle recovery after exercise.


    Antioxidants may protect your cells from free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and trigger aging, but antioxidants can slow down or prevent that damage.


    Recent studies show that coconut milk powder is a potent antibacterial agent, making it a fantastic ingredient for homemade soaps or facial masks.

    So, make a silky facemask, dress up your dessert, add sublimity to your smoothies, and taste the difference in your favorite recipes. A little coconut milk powder goes a long way down that path of extraordinary.


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