Ancient Sea Salt - 735g


Ancient Sea Salt

Premium unrefined mineral salt

Our unrefined Ancient Sea Salt is full of natural minerals and a flavor celebrated by world-renowned chefs because everyone agrees nature is the real artist in the kitchen. Improve and enhance your food: sprinkle over your vegetables, shake over your popcorn, and add a flourish to your baking.

Many salts out on the market today contain anti-caking agents and have undergone processing, bleaching, and refining, which strips away most nutrients. Our single source for salt is pure, raw, and unrefined – the way salt is meant to be savored.

Salt has many functions beyond enhancing the flavor of your food (though it excels at that). You can use it in a brine for pickling, in yeast breads for texture enhancement, in small amounts to heighten sweetness or to counteract bitter flavors, as a color enhancer to give baked goods that rich golden color, and to provide important nutrients.


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