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Cannabissimo with hemp flowers - grounded coffee - 250g

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Fitness Coffee







COFFEE PACKING: grounded coffee in 250g bag


  • sealed freshly roasted in triple foil film;
  • packed in protective atmosphere (MAP);
  • degassing valve.


Cannabissimo Coffee is a premium, full flavoured blend of the finest roasted ground coffee beans (Arabica 90% Robusta 10%) from South America, Africa and India enriched with CBD rich Hemp Flowers. They are a great way to enjoy the taste of a gourmet coffee while taking advantage of the great nutrient qualities of the hemp seed and of the hemp flowers with CBD.

Cannabissimo Coffee is:

  • Free from Gluten
  • Free from Sugar
  • Free from GMO
  • Free from Additives
  • Free from Preservatives
  • Free from Flavors

Known as inventors of awarded and patented products as Fitness Coffee®, we offer now to our beloved fans our last creation: Cannabissimo Coffee™.

Our studies and research during 8 months let us to get an innovative and healthy product for all coffee lovers, with in more the unquestionable and healing properties of hemp proteins (Cannabis Sativa seeds).

No other proteic ingredient contains so much essential amino acids that notoriously help to strengthen the defenses of our body.

Cannabissimo coffee® as written on front side, is 100% natural and legal. Its content of THC is irrelevant according to European laws as shown by the manufacturer's certifications.

* Nespresso is a trade mark of a third party without any association with Fitness Coffee GVM

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